The best of the best: Prezi Presentations

I’ve been humbled by the quality of the presentations this term; made and delivered by my many marketing students.

In Marketing 3311, “Marketing in a Digital World”, the students were instructed to create a Prezi that told a story about how Social Media changed [blank]. Some of the topics included:

  • Social Media & Journalism
  • Social Media & Activism
  • Social Media & Emergency Response
  • Social Media & the great game of hockey

I’d like to single out a brilliantly creative Prezi from one student who looked at Social Media & the Iranian elections. I believe this was the show-stopper of the night.

Marketing 1199: Introduction to Marketing

In my Intro class students were assigned to create a Prezi to summarize their Communications Plan projects. One group, composed of Derek, Morgan, Veronica, and Rachel, did an outstanding job creating a Facebook back-drop for their Prezi.

Students add more!

I would encourage my 3311 students to please leave links to their Prezi’s in the comments section of this post. I look forward to sharing your great work with the world.


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