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Using Heartbeats and Remarkables to drive conversions #dstrategy

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Seth Godin may have come up with the concept, but it’s the folks at Capulet who are activating “Heartbeats” and “Remarkables” through their digital strategy agency working with tech and non-profit clients.

What are “Heartbeats”?

  • marketing activities conducted on a daily basis
  • how we engage with our community, members, and customers
  • Facebook, email, Twitter…all part of our daily routine
  • Problem?…these channels are all stuffed. Crammed full of information. Messages getting lost. Impossible to stand out.

What are “Remarkables”?

  • big “wow” factor campaigns
  • ideas that draw people in
  • fun, edgy, creative
  • activities that can drive donations, petition signings, etc.

So how do these work together to drive conversions? Well, imagine this: where remarkables bring people in to the bottom rung of the engagement latter driven by an initial, “wow” conversion activity, heartbeats bring them up the latter through other micro-conversion activities seen through our daily routine marketing activities.

What does a Remarkable look like?…

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