Customer Service

“Out service” your customers

What a fantastic concept, why can’t more companies think the way Scott Scratten does?

Have a read of Scott’s latest blog post on his UnMarketing site about a company that chose to threaten its customer instead of out-servicing them. What a disappointment and lost opportunity to do good.

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Scott Stratten on UnMarketing

Today I attended the “UnMarketing” conference in Vancouver, with special guest Scott Stratten, author of UnMarketing. Scott is a lively, energetic, authentic, and down to earth speaker. In a word, refreshing. He’s not presenting a load of marketing BS with a little “TM” after every concept or idea. He knows he’s not necessarily inventing new ideas about marketing; he’s just giving some of us a much needed wake up call about our etiquette (or lack thereof) and occasional moronic moves (ie. scheduling/automating tweets…apparently a hotly debated topic) as we attempt to master the art of online engagement.

I’d like to summarize a few key points from Scott which I hope make sense to those who were not in attendance. If not, hmm…maybe go grab his book?

[On Branding]

  • There’s no such thing as a neutral brand experience. You are either improving or harming your presence and reputation. Everything you do provides a brand experience.

[On Customer Service]

  • To be great about customer service you only have to be average because everyone else really sucks.

[On Blogging]…these were my favourite

  • Write for “awesome” not frequency.
  • There’s a difference between writing for awesome and writing for content.
  • Make it easier for people to share your posts [that is the whole point after all, isn’t it?]
  • Do the SEO after the awesome: SEO is highly price sensitive and competitive.
  • AdSense is pimping: blogs covered in ad’s is like pimping a page.
  • Popups are like a punch in the face: assault is NEVER a good sales tactic.
  • Kill the, “your comment is awaiting moderation” feature: it’s as though you are telling your audience that their engagement is awaiting your moderation.

[On Social Media]

  • Social media doesn’t fix anything. If you suck, you just suck harder on social media.
  • Social media doesn’t change the fact that relationships take time.
  • Awesome gets rewarded on Twitter and engagement gets rewarded on Facebook.

Flipping through UnMarketing during the break I came across a few lines about the future of websites. This caught my attention as I’ve had this nagging feeling lately that the purpose and presentation of websites is evolving into something completely different than the traditional e-commerce/glorified brochure models we’ve come to know and hate. Scott states that the future of websites is a blog-driven site, where fresh content (awesome content!) dominates the site, allowing for greater engagement with users. The old model of posting everything YOU know about YOUR BUSINESS is proving that it doesn’t hold users’ attention and it doesn’t meet their needs.

I’ve had this hunch for about 2 weeks now and was pleased to see it validated by someone who unlike me, has written a book! This is something I look forward to exploring more as I am a big believer in the blog-driven site.

Refreshing, enlightening, and inspiring…thanks Scott, for an educational and entertaining afternoon.