HBO chief Richard Plepler explains his simple plan for staying ahead of Netflix

How HBO is competing to stay ahead. Good read.


Jason Fried: Meaningful work doesn’t happen at work

Jason Fried is the co-founder of 37 Signals. If you don’t know what this is, start by doing a quick Internet search, then walk, no run, to your local bookstore and pick up “Re-Work”. You can devour this book in one sitting: expect to develop a small kink in your neck from nodding (in the affirmative manner) repeatedly. You can also expect to experience many “ah-hah” moments. There have not been enough books of this nature: books that challenge us to reconsider how we do things and re-think how effective our traditional structures and processes really are.

Jason speaks about what really holds us back from being productive and getting work done. Is it Twitter? Facebook? LinkedIn? No. Jason tells us those aren’t the real problems, those are merely “smoke breaks” which ironically, have been both allowed and accepted for decades.

It’s M&M’s that are the problems: Managers & Meetings.

Respecting the stupidity of users

I didn’t say it, he did. Evan Soloman said it, and you know what? It makes perfect sense.

Specifically, he said: “good design (of technology) respects the stupidity of users”. It’s brilliant, isn’t it? Presenting at Get Contagious this year, Evan reminded us that it’s the simplicity of complicated matter (cars, refrigerators) that makes us all comfortable and trusting of said matter. We can also look to Apple as a shining example of this concept: Apple has simplified and de-mystified what Microsoft and so many others over-complicated.

As we emerge from a marketing era inundated with “feature and benefit” messaging, will we see more marketers embrace this very simple, “simplicity concept”? Or will the stupidity of users continue to be disrespected so marketers can bathe in their own sense of self-wordiness?

Are you Prepared for a Crisis..? (via Jessica Perks’s Blog)

Quick checklist to help ensure you are crisis-prepared.

In the time of Crisis many organizations either come out on top or flop. How your organization works through the process will define whether you have done it right or wrong. Everyone knows examples of Crisis, whether they are of a political nature; a national disaster or of course everyone’s favorite — the celebrity scandal.  Whenever a Crisis hits home; you and your organization should remember 3 things — 1- Mess Up- Crisis happens – And for t … Read More

via Jessica Perks’s Blog